Sample Project

Sample Project

Sample Project

October 6, 2020
You can embed virtually any online content within Notion pages — from video and audio players to Figma and Invision mockups, to entire Google documents and spreadsheets. This includes streaming multimedia, PDFs, forms, and interactive maps.

Examples & use cases

Here's an embedded Spotify playlist (it's playable!):
And here's a functioning Google Map:
In other cases, an embed will display your content as it would appear on your computer — fully scrollable — such as a web page or PDF:
With design and prototyping services like Figma and InVision, you can share your concepts with teams and clients for feedback. Here's how a Figma project looks on your Notion page:

Embed types

While pretty much any online content can be embedded on a page, Notion has preconfigured blocks for these specific types of media and commonly used apps:
  • Abstract
  • Audio
  • CodePen
  • Figma
  • File
  • Framer
  • GitHub
  • Google Drive
  • Google Maps
  • Images
  • InVision
  • Loom
  • Miro
  • PDF
  • Tweet
  • Typeform
  • Video
Any of these can be added specifically from the / menu or by clicking + in the left margin that appears when you hover over a new line. For instance, you can type /tweet to embed a Tweet, or /figma to embed a design from Figma.

Insert an embed

  • Click the + that appears to the left when you hover over a new line. Choose Embed or one of the common embed types listed above. Press enter.
  • You can also type /embed or / followed by the name of the service (like /figma or /maps), then press enter.
  • In the menu that appears, paste the content's URL or embed link.
notion image
  • You can also use /embed to upload and display your own image, audio, video, or PDF. Just select Upload and choose the file from your computer. You can also use /pdf.
notion image
Note: Some websites prohibit their content from being embedded elsewhere. If you receive a Failed to Load error, that's why.

Embed from Google Drive

You can search your Google Drive from inside Notion and embed content without having to navigate away from the app. Here's how:
  • Click the + that appears to the left when you hover over a new line. Scroll and choose Google Drive from the menu.
  • You can also type /drive and press enter.
  • A block will appear with a pop-up menu where you can either paste the URL to the Google Doc or Sheet you want to embed, or you can click Browse Google Drive to search your Drive for the right file.
notion image
  • You can connect multiple Google accounts to embed files from multiple Google Drives.
Note: Previously embedded Google Drive files will continue to work the same way they always have. Going forward, if you want to embed a Google Drive file as an iframe, you can do so by adding a generic embed (/embed).

Turn a URL into an embed

In most cases, Notion will recognize an embeddable URL when you paste it into your page. You can also paste copied images.
  • Paste the embed URL provided by the content's source.
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, choose the Embed option.
notion image

Resize an embed

Most embeds can be resized to suit their content and the format of your page.
  • Hover your mouse over your embed, then drag the black bars that appear on the sides.
notion image

Arrange embeds

  • Use drag-and-drop to move embeds around your page. Hover over the embed in question, then use the ⋮⋮ icon that appears as a handle to drag it.
  • You can also drag and drop embeds into columns.
notion image

Go to embed's source

It's easy to link back to where the embed came from.
  • Hover over your embed and click Original. Your browser will take you to its source.
  • You can also hover over the embed and click ⋮⋮ on the left or ••• at its top right corner.
  • Select View Original and your browser will open to the source page.

Add a caption

Captions can help you provide more context about your embedded content.
  • Hover over the embed and click Caption.
  • You can also hover over the embed and click ⋮⋮ on the left or ••• at its top right corner.
  • Select Caption and enter whatever text you want.
  • You can format your caption with bold, italics, colors and other styles available for standard text in Notion.
notion image

Add a comment

You can leave a comment on an embed, just like any other type of content block.
  • Hover over the embed and click the speech bubble icon.
  • You can also hover and click ⋮⋮ on the left or ••• at its top right corner.
  • Select Comment, and enter whatever you have to say or ask about the content.
  • You can also select the embed and use the shortcut cmd/ctrl + shift + m.
Tip: Tag your workspace collaborators with @ to notify them of comments intended for them specifically.
notion image

Replace embedded content

As your project evolves, you'll likely need to update embedded content. You can replace both content you've embedded from elsewhere online, or content you've uploaded in order to embed and display it on your page.

Replace online content

  • Hover over the embed and click ⋮⋮ on the left or ••• at its top right.
  • Choose Replace.
  • When prompted, choose Embed Link.
  • Paste the new URL from the online service.
notion image
Note: If the source of your embed changes in any way, that change will appear in Notion too. For instance, if a song is added to a playlist.

Replace an uploaded file

  • Hover over the embed and click ⋮⋮ on the left or ••• at its top right.
  • Choose Replace.
  • When prompted, choose Upload.
  • Select the new file.
notion image

Delete an embed

  • Hover over the embed and click ⋮⋮ on the left or ••• at its top right. You can also right click.
  • Choose Delete.
notion image

Sample Embeds

Vimeo embed video


I tried to embed something, but got an error message.
Sorry about that! Unfortunately not all services are embeddable in Notion. You can find a full list of services that can be embedded in Notion here.
I tried to embed a Google Doc/Sheet, but I got an error message.
Try logging out of all the Google accounts open on your device. Next, use Continue with Google to log back into Notion with the email address for your Notion account. Try embedding the file again. If this doesn't work, message us.
I tried to embed a Google Doc/Sheet, but I only see a blank gray box.
Mac app:
  • Navigate to the Notion menu in the top bar on your screen, and select Clear Cache.
  • Log back in using Continue with Google.
Windows app:
  • Log out of all Google accounts.
  • In the Notion Windows app, go to View and then Toggle Developer Tools.
  • In the Application tab on the top, go to the Clear storage tab on the left and then click Clear site data.
  • Log back in using the appropriate Google account and try embedding again.
If that doesn't work, send us a message and we'll be happy to troubleshoot further!
How can I embed a Google Map with directions from one destination to another?
  1. In Google Maps, search for the travel directions you want. Then click the menu at the top left of the window. Select Share or embed map. Copy the URL that appears under Link to share.
  1. Back in Notion, add an embed block with /maps and paste the URL you copied into the field provided. Press enter. You'll see something like the below appear:
Is there a full list of all the services you can embed in Notion?
You can find a full list of our 500+ embeddable services here.
Something we didn't cover? Message us in the app by clicking ? at the bottom right on desktop (or in your sidebar on mobile). Or email us at ✌️
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