Multiplayer Turkish Wordle

Brief Summary of Wordle

Wordle is a simple word guessing game developed by Josh Wardle. Josh shared the game with his friends and family in the mid-2021, and it quickly gained popularity and was played by millions of people at the beginning of 2022. The game became so popular that it was purchased by The New York Times.

How to Play the Game

In the game, you try to guess a 5-letter word. You have 6 attempts to do this. If the letters you guess match the correct answer, they will turn green or yellow. The color of the letter indicates whether it is in the correct word and position (green) or in the correct word but in the wrong position (yellow). Using these colors, you can try to figure out the correct answer. If you succeed, an emoji pattern will appear. You can share this pattern on social media and join the trend.

How Multiplayer Wordle Started

It all started with a tweet by @ctnicholasdev. Chris created a multiplayer version of Wordle based on the vue-wordle project written in Vue.js by @youyuxi.
How was it start?
How does it continue…

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